Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trumpcare 0. Obamacare 1.


Donald Trump
gave Speaker of the House Paul Ryan until Friday to accomplish a replacement for Obamacare. Presidential altematums are my favorite altematums. Friday is gone and it appears Trump is keeping his word. 

Trump's handling of his healthcare plan has shown that even as a President he is not going to waste time waiting around. As the healthcare bill battle continues it leaves most of us wondering what the heck is the difference?

Obamacare or Trumpcare

If you are unfamiliar with what Trump is trying to replace read this Obamacare article.


If you do know what the big deal is about Obamacare then you probably also know the details of Trumpcare have yet to be released. 

Comparing the two would take a strong basis in a lot of things insurance. A topic most of us have no clue about. You can scour Google for answers or you can come to the actual conclusion. 

Insurance Equals Money 

This fight is vague for the most of us because it isn't much about us. A majority of this dispute is about insurance companies, how they get money, and how much of that money they can keep. A few minor topics make their way downhill and grace a few hairs on our heads with a change. One in the form of higher premiums.

The reality is insurance companies have lost billions under Obamacare. Some companies have made a few bucks but corporate revenues aren't what Obamacare is about. Hence the battle and all the lobby bucks involved. Insurance companies want their revenue back and republicans are trying to make that happen.


Trump Healthcare Takaways

The American healthcare topic has a couple takaways we should focus on besides premium prices. The realization that the healthcare dispute will continue until a medium between insurance companies and the government is found. Followed by the realization that we we have a new style of President that isn't going to waste time. 

Let us remember this when he draws the line on the citizens. In the meantime we can see how this character trait translates to foreign policy. This is just one man's opinion.

Next up. Tax reform. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Terrorist Attack London

Terrorist Attack London

Terrorist Attack London

What is being considered a terrorist attack was carried out in London on Wednesday.

Time: 2:40 p.m. local time

Dead: 4 including 1 police officer

Injured: 40 including 3 police officers

Weapons: Car and knife

Locations: UK Parliment, in session, bridge over River Thames

Slain Officer: Keith Palmer, 48, 15 year veteran, unarmed

An armed officer shot attacker dead.

Parliment locked down for several hours.

Brirain's Senior Counterterrorism Polixe Officer said Wednesday attacker's identitg is known, not released. It is believed to be an "Islamist-related terrorism."

Together We Fight Terrorism

As terrorism continues to fall under attack isolated attacks, such as this one, are to be expected. This is part of common tactics used by most facets of terrorism.
If you, or someone you know, suffers from thoughts of hurting people, or yourself, please seek help or report any related evidence to the policing authority over your area. We must fight evil thoughts together because they effect us together.  This is just one man's opinion.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

James Comey to Investigate Trump and Russia

James Comey

James Comey Investing Trump and Russia

James Comey is a wonderful example of what integrity looks like swimming upstream, against current, in a river filled with crocodiles and piranhas with a leg cramp and no floaties 10 minutes after eating at a Chinese buffet. His track record proves it time and time again. 

Just this week he announced a denial of the existence of evidence Barrack Obama wiretapped Donald Trump. On the same note he announced an investigation into Trump and Vladimir Putin's relationship. Shouldthe citizens trust him? He has a good track record.

James Comey: Exhibit A

James Comey stood against the White House, in 2004, and refused to let the National Security Agency wiretap without a warrant. This is when he was deputy attorney general. In his bosses hotel room he thretened to quit his job! Definitely integrity points material.

James Comey: Exibit 3

James Comey approved the decision against prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified emails. Then just before voting released a letter stating the investigation had been reopened pending information found on a former aide's, Huma Abedin, Computer. This flip flop proves James Comey goes where the facts go. Integrity points for sure for that. Both sides were mad at him.

Oil : Water; Inregrity : Politicians

American politics is suffering a huge deficit of integrity. During the election focus was on the option of a government remodel. The majority chose the contemporary businessman theme over the typical career polititian motif. I don't blame them. All the candidates together couldn't fill a pen cap with integrity. Well maybe a pen cap but definitely not a reaspoon. This is only one man's opinion.

James Comey piranhas

Thursday, March 16, 2017

America's New Government Era

President Obama's Approval rating 2016

Obama's Approval Rating 2016 

held a near 50 50 split the entire year. That was back when citizens had normal complaints about a President. Maybe a few Obama "Mom Jeans" jokes. After almost a decade under Obama Supervision a rhythm and a trust formed between the citizens and their President. Then he departed. 

Barack Obama's Presidency was a special one. Not only because of the Humility he showed. His time in the White House marked the end of an era of Presidents that held a certain standard.  That standard has shifted to the Trump Mentality. Trump isn't the only one that agrees with this mentality, however.

We must not foget Trump represents the majority of voters. Who are these people? The media has many ways of categorizing them. The reality is the line between that mentality and the ones in disagreement with it is still vague. All we really know is Trump is the face of this mentality. Defining him should define them.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump in a word ... Or Two

Going from political sincerity to superficial authority has left voids in the relationship between the citizens and their President. Trump is harsh, competitive, prideful, boastful, tacky, bitter, and so on and so forth. Not what we're used to seeing in our President. 
Obama was none of those things. Bush was dropped a few times but he wasn't that way either. Clinton was a liar I guess but still better than Trump. It stands to reason that the respected position of President of the United States of America is evolving.

Out With the Obamas In With the Trumps

Obama's departure created a vacuum Trump is trying desperately to fill. All that was common for a President is now uncommon. New employees must reflect these new concepts. This period of transition has been latent. Leaving the government body a complete disaster. All the while the media draws our attention with attacks aimed at everyone and everything.

The Fact Is

This is a new era of governnent. One selected to meet the demand for peace in a world where humility is replaced with security and all that causes pain and suffering is perverse. Even if it isn't Donald Trump eventually America will have to bring in a tougher government to compete with the world. Donald Trump is here to usher in this era. Good or bad. This is only one man's opinon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump

Aparently Snoop Dogg's video for his song "Lavender" depicts him holding a fake gun to a clown resembling President Donald Trump. Normally rappers get away with this kind of stuff but for some odd reason Snoop is being pinned for it.
Snoop did give a comment to Billboard saying he made the video because, "no one is dealing with the issue". No Snoop that's not how we handle things. When you diaagree with someone you dont pretend to shoot them.
Following the video release Twitter blew up. With comments like "satanic bastard" to "how old r u? I was actually surprised by this. I figured  the people would be upset but not on such a scale.
The important thing is to remember that being President is a job. This doesn't mean the person filling the position is good and deserves respect no matter what. Trump is not only closing down policy left and right he is changing the basis of this country. That is upsetting the people. This should be a prelude of how most are going to react eventually. Brace yourselves.
I personally believe a President Trump should be able to complete his term without Snoop Dogg, or anyone else, pretending to shoot him. Good job Trump right out of the gate your acceptence rating is going down. Just wait. Oh great here come the protesters. This is just one man's opinion.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Obama Wire Tapped Trump?! Does it Matter?

Last week President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of telephone tapping Trump Tower during the elections. These allegations were publicized, you guessed it, over Twitter. Isn't this a late night "Set It and Forfet It" rerun already? Am I the only one that feels distracted?
Yesterday McCain publicly requested Trump to either "retract or substantiate his claim." Neither of which Trump has committed to yet but he has a deadline. Monday. Going into next week the bashing on Trump will get even tougher. That's because they know exactly what he is doing.
Let us be clear
This telephone tapping claim was not an error. Trump didn't just mess up again. Just about every move these guys make is calculated. Especially the President. Many believe he is just "like that" ag this point. No way. There is a strong divide building behind all this Twitter and wire tapping nonsense.
Loyalties are being bound either with Trump or against him. That's what our vantage point tells us. The indecisive population has dwindled. People have formed their opinions. Now it is time for Trump to position himself to implement his debatable policies. Pretty good plan for a guy that loves the taste of his own foot.
With all do respect for the position of the 45th President of the United States of America and its holder Donald J. Trump the citizens are not fools. You may keep from empeachment and assume safety. My advice is don't. This protesting generation hopes you aren't empeached I'm sure. How else will the citizens be pushed into America's first coup attempt? Thus us just the opinion from one man.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Donald Trump, Immigration, and Deportation

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is lack of knowledge. When a citizen gives up on their duty to understand the foreign world just as much as their domestic world they stand weak and ignorant. At the moment many believe "racist" President Trump is focused on the immigration ban and deportation for the wrong reasons. This is why it is so important for us to keep up with current events. Not only keep up with them, but take the time to understand them. Unfortunately, the media has an even bigger part in deportation and illegal immigrants than even Mr. Trump himself.

The media forages, filters, and packages information for us. Free of charge for the most part. Sometimes they fall short on the background reinforcement. They are getting better, however, the better part is our responsibility. If the news tells us Israel and Palestine are stuck in a crisis war we should know why, and possibly for how long. We should know were the Baltic States are, and their relationship with Russia. Where the South China Sea is and how the name of it has nothing to do with who has authority over it.

In America today one current event that is important is Trump and his immigration policies. For those who don't make the time to understand them leave breeding grounds for anger and protest. Here is one major facet.

According to the New York Times in 2014 the "Obama administration issued guidelines for deporting unauthorized immigrants." No protests.  No racist leader accusations. One point.

Obama's immigration policy placed priority on gangsters and felons. Trump dissolved that priority. Followed by protests and implementation of more policy. Looks like the protesting didn't work. It never will. Peaceful or otherwise proresting will destroy our communities before it will move our President.

We must remove ourselves from racist concepts when dealing with our new President. It is only a distraction from the real solutions. Immigration policy is only the beginning. Or maybe protesters are right. If we all protest they probably won't enforce Marshall Law and the country won't succumb to major patches of anarchy. If you don't appreciate President Trump's immigration policy then I suppose his handling of widespread protest won't change your mind. But rhis is just one man's opinion.

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