Saturday, May 31, 2014

Shortages Coming Soon

The United Nations predicts that by 2025, two-thirds of the world will have shortages of water. This is only 11 years away. Most would assume this will be in poverty stricken areas. This does not take away from it being a crisis on its way. So, are we doing enough? Probably not. No matter what report we look at, or how many times we recycle. So what can we do besides buy an electric care and wait for the governments to figure something out?

A lot of what makes these environmental reports so bad are the contributions from other countries. We can't do much to help them there. What we can do is get involved in voting. We must lean towards elected officials that are highly conscientious of the environment. Officials who promote the future and well-being of those under their care. Implementing facilities and programs that can be in place well before we need them to be. Not only programs for our civil water systems but also for our farms and mass food production facilities.

As the world becomes a tougher place to survive we need to make sure our country stays at the top of the food chain. It's not all about taxes. Do your research and make sure the government we vote is has the future of the 99% in mind. This is just one man's opinion.

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Are You Sure Legalizing Is A Good Idea?

People vote on these things?
Prostitution is a horrible thing. There are a million ways to dress it up. No matter what shade it bears it remains a horrible thing. I am proud to live in a country that bars its citizens from practicing prostitution. I hope it stays that way. There are certain areas of the country that are more willing to accept its practice than others, however, they aren't properly contained. They will soon be creeping into our "nice clean suburbs".
Brothels are already starting to pop up in locations all over the country. Local law enforcement agencies have been doing a decent job of closing them down, but not quicker than they seem to be showing up. This is not a good sign.
To single men it may be a decent supplement to a normal life of morality with a wife and children. To single women it may be a way for them to generate income while going to school. Again no matter how you dress it up prostitution is a horrible thing.
Can the legalization of prostitution be a gateway to sex crimes like those in India? It's definitely possible.
        Do we want to find out? I don't. It can create a larger market for stolen children. Enough of the poor things get stolen as it is. Let's try and keep this an immoral practice and out of our country. I don't want my little girls and boys to grow up in a place like that. This is just one man's opinion.

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A Crime Is A Crime, Unfortunately

I love my Country. The United States of America, the best balance of freedom and rights in the world. Our suspected criminals, for instance, get some of the best treatment in the world. Something we need to take note of when traveling is that other countries don't work the same way. So what does this mean?
This means if you have a medicinal marijuana card or concealed weapons license don't bring medicine or firearms with you. You have to remember acquiring the licenses for these things does not mean you can go everywhere in the world with them. Not only must you watch what you bring with you to other countries you have to watch their laws too.
I'm sure everyone remembers Michael P. Fay. He was an 18-year-old American citizen who got six whips with a bamboo cane from the Singapore government. What for? The young man was spraying cars with paint. Should he have gotten whipped? That's opinion. What isn't is that he shouldn't have been spraying cars with paint in Singapore. What if he was a United States soldier? Would it be okay then? What if he was a cop? Laws shouldn't bend for anyone according to their job. A crime is a crime, unfortunately.
Above all, remember to have a map when you're driving by the American-Mexican border. Especially if you're carrying your trusted assault rifle passed a sign that clearly says you cannot have one. As always
this is just one man's opinion.

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Role Models, Choose Wisely

Everyone needs role models. We have an array to chose from. Some are famous celebrities, some are infamous criminals. Some role models are our fathers and mothers. It is important that we have role models that lead healthy and moral lives. As children and as adults as well.
Our brain has a wonderful trigger in it called vicarious reinforcement. Vicarious reinforcement is an automatic response our brain has to reinforced behavior. Lost? That's what examples are for. When a child sees another child rewarded for something he/she will imitate that behavior. The child will expect to receive the same reward. It can be a powerful connection as well. I know I get excited watching people win money on television all the time. It's almost like I won it myself. How does this tie into us as adults?
When we get older, whether we know it or not, we continue the same pattern. We chose role models and imitate their behavior to get the same attention. If they are rebellious we are too. If she likes half her head shaved then I will too. If he wears women's jeans then so will I. This includes their poor practices as well. Drug abuse, not including marijuana of course, and violence. Mistreating women and promoting prostitution.
These are what Psychology Today calls "anti-role models". These are people that receive reward for negative behavior. Like when people go to jail and receive publicity and fame along with undeserved forgiveness from society. George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, sorry my fingers slipped. Believe it or not there are people that idolize these individuals simply because they have been forgiven.
We must maintain focus on people that lead healthy lifestyles. Do not allow our freedoms to extend beyond our morals. If we do then our great grandchildren might be raping society's women and hanging them from trees like some other countries. Never in America? I'm sure 30 years ago no one ever thought someone would shoot up a kindergarten class room either. Of course, as always this is just one man's opinion.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Stop Throwing Butts!

Cigarette butts are a hideous addition to our environment. It’s one of the most easily forgotten forms of littering. Various sources collectively state it takes anywhere from 18 months to 10 years for one cigarette bud to degrade. Those that have quit, even years ago, may still be unknowingly impacting our world. This is not an anger-mongering anti-smoker campaign. This is a constructive way to eliminate the blissful ignorance that is poor smoking habits. For those who don’t smoke, we have a duty to leave a constructive impression on smokers to practice these good smoking habits. Did someone say stats please?
According to Keep America Beautiful, “Tobacco products comprise 38% of all roadway litter”. Nice huh? Check this out. According to the same source, “Overall littering rate for cigarette butts is 65%.” Ridiculous, is the word you were looking for. What does this mean? 65% of all tobacco products become litter. Next time you go to the gas station imagine over half of that wall of cancer behind the counter, is going to be thrown out the window or stomped into the ground.
How dangerous is cigarette litter? Cigarette butts have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds, whales, and other marine creatures who have mistaken them for food. They contain cellulose acetate, a form of plastic. This makes them perfect for saltwater, unfortunately. There are countless amounts on the sides of our roadways and the adjacent woods. Rain pushes a lot of this litter into our oceans.
How many are we talking? Unfortunately cigarette butts are the most common piece of trash discarded worldwide, 1.69 billion pounds each year. As far as ocean trash, cigarette litter is number one. In fact, if you added any two of the top ten most discarded pieces of ocean trash they still wouldn’t amount to the amount of cigarette litter found in our oceans.
The government is spending plenty of money on expressing the personal dangers of smoking. Leaving it up to us to spread awareness of cigarette litter and its impact on the environment. Packing a few of these statistics and some of your personal opinions we can constructively empower a campaign to stop cigarette litter. This would definitely give Mother Earth a sigh of relief. She deserves it. Again, just one man’s opinion.

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Be An Individual

America is filled with viewers. This is how the media sees us anyways. It's a terrible title to place on someone. Over time the media has dropped the task of servicing the nation from its job description. They have replaced it with the goal of gaining viewers for advertising dollars. Even if it means burning our government to do so. We deserve an entity that provides us with calming ideas not one that is bent on self destruction. If they won't change then we will have to.
The media has created this enormous engine that feeds off of government officials and their opinions. As they continue to toss in our elected government they convince us it's for good reason. We believe them. The result is an incredible loss of faith in our government. This is not a loss we can afford right now. As the country continues to rebuild itself we must have even more faith in our government than we do during great times.
Do not let propaganda persuade your freedoms. The media offers only a few select options of opinion. Form your own. It may line up with theirs and that's okay. At least you didn't rely on them to form your opinion for you. This is what separates viewers from individuals. The viewers take what the media offers them. The individuals come to their own conclusions. We are free for a reason, but this is just one man's opinion.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Atheism = Threat?

Atheism is a powerful idea. It brings with it thoughts of large groups of people in black suits. Sunglasses on and a straight face holding a sign that reads, “Antichrist”. Most Americans admit they don’t trust atheists or even like them at all. Even so, atheism exists and isn’t going anywhere. This raises the question. Is atheism a threat to Christianity in the United States?
The latest Pew Poll on religion found that 20 percent of the United States refer to themselves as “unaffiliated” (Meaning they don’t belong to any one religion. Possibly still believing in god). Of that 20 percent 2.4 percent of them identify themselves as “atheist”.  Not even two and a half percent. Perspective anyone? Coming right up.
The Center for Disease Control says 5% of Americans are born above 6’3’’. How many people over 6’3’’ have you met? You would have to divide that in half to get an idea of how many atheists you may have met. Unless you hang out with professional basketball players chances are you haven’t met many. How many in the blue corner?
The same Pew Poll says 83% of Americans claim to be Christian (Made up of Catholics, Protestants, and other, such as Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses). 2.4 against 83. Those are the worst odds since the 99 percent war.
Truth is atheism isn’t a threat to anyone. They are a really small non-violent group. Lets worry about extremists shall we? Maybe like the ones that keep murdering abortion clinic staff? This is just one man’s opinion.

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80's Babies

The backside of my generation’s upbringing. Time for some reflection 80s babies. Most of us probably never thought of what it would look like. I don’t think this is what we would have pictured. Can you blame us?  
Leaving the nest had never been so difficult. You had to sell a kidney to the cartel to pay for school just so you could graduate college into a hiring freeze. Then there was the option of going straight to work and applying for layoffs. Not exactly first flight weather. On our first attempt half of us didn’t make it far before we fell face first into a cow pie. The one’s that could flap hard enough acquired unpayable amounts of debt in reward for their efforts. What have we learned from it all?
We learned color doesn’t matter to most of us. We learned humility. We learned war. We learned it’s not how tall you build something but why you built it in the first place. We learned that enough of us are okay with abortion to make it a debate. We learned that we really can depend on our government in times of need. We learned that education can be nothing more than bait-and-switch marketing. We even learned bad spending habits.
We may not be where we thought we would have been. That’s okay. Hope for the best prepare for the worst. Well, we got the hope part down. This is just one man’s opinion

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