Thursday, May 29, 2014

80's Babies

The backside of my generation’s upbringing. Time for some reflection 80s babies. Most of us probably never thought of what it would look like. I don’t think this is what we would have pictured. Can you blame us?  
Leaving the nest had never been so difficult. You had to sell a kidney to the cartel to pay for school just so you could graduate college into a hiring freeze. Then there was the option of going straight to work and applying for layoffs. Not exactly first flight weather. On our first attempt half of us didn’t make it far before we fell face first into a cow pie. The one’s that could flap hard enough acquired unpayable amounts of debt in reward for their efforts. What have we learned from it all?
We learned color doesn’t matter to most of us. We learned humility. We learned war. We learned it’s not how tall you build something but why you built it in the first place. We learned that enough of us are okay with abortion to make it a debate. We learned that we really can depend on our government in times of need. We learned that education can be nothing more than bait-and-switch marketing. We even learned bad spending habits.
We may not be where we thought we would have been. That’s okay. Hope for the best prepare for the worst. Well, we got the hope part down. This is just one man’s opinion

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