Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Crime Is A Crime, Unfortunately

I love my Country. The United States of America, the best balance of freedom and rights in the world. Our suspected criminals, for instance, get some of the best treatment in the world. Something we need to take note of when traveling is that other countries don't work the same way. So what does this mean?
This means if you have a medicinal marijuana card or concealed weapons license don't bring medicine or firearms with you. You have to remember acquiring the licenses for these things does not mean you can go everywhere in the world with them. Not only must you watch what you bring with you to other countries you have to watch their laws too.
I'm sure everyone remembers Michael P. Fay. He was an 18-year-old American citizen who got six whips with a bamboo cane from the Singapore government. What for? The young man was spraying cars with paint. Should he have gotten whipped? That's opinion. What isn't is that he shouldn't have been spraying cars with paint in Singapore. What if he was a United States soldier? Would it be okay then? What if he was a cop? Laws shouldn't bend for anyone according to their job. A crime is a crime, unfortunately.
Above all, remember to have a map when you're driving by the American-Mexican border. Especially if you're carrying your trusted assault rifle passed a sign that clearly says you cannot have one. As always
this is just one man's opinion.

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