Thursday, May 29, 2014

Atheism = Threat?

Atheism is a powerful idea. It brings with it thoughts of large groups of people in black suits. Sunglasses on and a straight face holding a sign that reads, “Antichrist”. Most Americans admit they don’t trust atheists or even like them at all. Even so, atheism exists and isn’t going anywhere. This raises the question. Is atheism a threat to Christianity in the United States?
The latest Pew Poll on religion found that 20 percent of the United States refer to themselves as “unaffiliated” (Meaning they don’t belong to any one religion. Possibly still believing in god). Of that 20 percent 2.4 percent of them identify themselves as “atheist”.  Not even two and a half percent. Perspective anyone? Coming right up.
The Center for Disease Control says 5% of Americans are born above 6’3’’. How many people over 6’3’’ have you met? You would have to divide that in half to get an idea of how many atheists you may have met. Unless you hang out with professional basketball players chances are you haven’t met many. How many in the blue corner?
The same Pew Poll says 83% of Americans claim to be Christian (Made up of Catholics, Protestants, and other, such as Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses). 2.4 against 83. Those are the worst odds since the 99 percent war.
Truth is atheism isn’t a threat to anyone. They are a really small non-violent group. Lets worry about extremists shall we? Maybe like the ones that keep murdering abortion clinic staff? This is just one man’s opinion.

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