Friday, May 30, 2014

Be An Individual

America is filled with viewers. This is how the media sees us anyways. It's a terrible title to place on someone. Over time the media has dropped the task of servicing the nation from its job description. They have replaced it with the goal of gaining viewers for advertising dollars. Even if it means burning our government to do so. We deserve an entity that provides us with calming ideas not one that is bent on self destruction. If they won't change then we will have to.
The media has created this enormous engine that feeds off of government officials and their opinions. As they continue to toss in our elected government they convince us it's for good reason. We believe them. The result is an incredible loss of faith in our government. This is not a loss we can afford right now. As the country continues to rebuild itself we must have even more faith in our government than we do during great times.
Do not let propaganda persuade your freedoms. The media offers only a few select options of opinion. Form your own. It may line up with theirs and that's okay. At least you didn't rely on them to form your opinion for you. This is what separates viewers from individuals. The viewers take what the media offers them. The individuals come to their own conclusions. We are free for a reason, but this is just one man's opinion.

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