Saturday, May 31, 2014

Role Models, Choose Wisely

Everyone needs role models. We have an array to chose from. Some are famous celebrities, some are infamous criminals. Some role models are our fathers and mothers. It is important that we have role models that lead healthy and moral lives. As children and as adults as well.
Our brain has a wonderful trigger in it called vicarious reinforcement. Vicarious reinforcement is an automatic response our brain has to reinforced behavior. Lost? That's what examples are for. When a child sees another child rewarded for something he/she will imitate that behavior. The child will expect to receive the same reward. It can be a powerful connection as well. I know I get excited watching people win money on television all the time. It's almost like I won it myself. How does this tie into us as adults?
When we get older, whether we know it or not, we continue the same pattern. We chose role models and imitate their behavior to get the same attention. If they are rebellious we are too. If she likes half her head shaved then I will too. If he wears women's jeans then so will I. This includes their poor practices as well. Drug abuse, not including marijuana of course, and violence. Mistreating women and promoting prostitution.
These are what Psychology Today calls "anti-role models". These are people that receive reward for negative behavior. Like when people go to jail and receive publicity and fame along with undeserved forgiveness from society. George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, sorry my fingers slipped. Believe it or not there are people that idolize these individuals simply because they have been forgiven.
We must maintain focus on people that lead healthy lifestyles. Do not allow our freedoms to extend beyond our morals. If we do then our great grandchildren might be raping society's women and hanging them from trees like some other countries. Never in America? I'm sure 30 years ago no one ever thought someone would shoot up a kindergarten class room either. Of course, as always this is just one man's opinion.

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