Friday, June 20, 2014

An Open Letter To The New Islamic Republic From One Man

          Recently I was given this letter to pass on. The Letter. I couldn't without a response. There's the letter, below is my response, the opinion is left for you to form.

Dear Arshad Mohsin,

You offer an idea of peace. Please allow an opinion in return. I would like to set aside talk of bombings and assaults, because both sides have had their fair share. I would also like to put aside religion as it seems to be what makes most of these situations violent and misunderstood. At it's core the world has no problem accepting Islam or any of the peace it offers. As you may notice the largest problems are outside of the umbrella that is the West. These wars and struggles are a result of poverty and attempts at establishments of power.

Please allow yourself the ability to shake what local propaganda, and confusion has offered you and your mission for peace. None of the violence that has taken place is with the mission of destroying any religion or people. It is to instill a stable country for citizens to grow and exist in peace. A country that keeps order making sure its citizens aren't abused or taken advantage of. Please remember that true freedom, in life, is not barred by religion. 

The freedom offered by extremists has misplaced an entire country. It has provoked war, chaos, and force of religion. None of these things offer freedom or peace. Neither of our gods appreciate any of these things. So please, don't blame Americans. Don't blame "Western Influence". Don't blame the missiles or even your own extremists. This would be true if we lived in a blissful state of ignorance. Please, instead, blame humanities struggle for greed. Blame the evils of life. Those who really want peace will fight for the existence of a free Middle East. One that isn't weak and susceptible to attacks from those looking for earth and water. Those that don't want peace will continue to grow in territory, and weaken in humility. Those that are confused will be manipulated to either side. Please fight for the freedoms of the Middle East Mr. Mohsin. For I am American, and this is the peace I want as well. 

This letter was formed from the opinion of one man. I cannot speak for my country. I speak for myself. Thank you for honoring my letter.

Robert Rivera