Friday, June 20, 2014

Cops Are Shooting Unarmed Citizens In The Back

        Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Department has claimed another victim's life. James Boyd. He was a homeless man sleeping in the hills of New Mexico, because the local shelters were closed for the night. Police showed up to talk him out of the area. After a few hours of negotiations things quickly turned hectic. The homeless man ended up getting shot in the back three times. When he hit the ground the officers supposedly sent their attack dog in. Then they began to shoot rubber bullets at the poor man's almost lifeless body as he gasps for air. The video is available here. Please be aware that the video is graphic.
         After watching the video you should be able to see how things happen fast in these instances. It's easy to say what one would do watching the video. Being there making the decisions is a very hard thing to do. According to the CNN article following the video 26 people have been shot and killed by that same police department since 2010. How does that fair compared to the rest of the nation? They beat out Chicago and New York City. After reading that it is even harder to defend those police. It is obviously not premeditated murder we're talking about here, but should they be punished?
        These officers can't be punished. American police go through training for these instances. They have procedures with steps they must follow. If they followed those steps according to the procedure then they cannot be held accountable. The police department will have to go through their procedure, and see if any alterations can be made to make sure this doesn't happen in the future. They will have to retrain their staff, and amend the training for new officers. These are the proper steps to neutralizing this problem. Not firing and hanging the cops. I'm sorry, but this is only the opinion of one man.

I would like to ask that you give just one moment of silence for James Boyd.

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