Friday, June 20, 2014

Finger Pointing

      The ISIL crisis continues to get worse. There is a lot of coverage on the topic from all kinds of angles. For those of us that keep up with most of it we know that blame is being ushered on our President, as always. The main focus of blame is on him pulling U.S. troops out too early. Saying the crisis grew quickly in the vacuum left after our military took leave. Obama seems to use the point that the government in Iraq did not want to provide U.S. military forces with immunity. Without it the Obama administration decided to pull out. All these politics. Let's dig into the real problem here.
          The real problem is that ISIL is taking over Iraq. Not that our troops got to take a break from war. Not that a war-weary society got a break either. Can we not place the same amount of blame on all of our allies for not helping more? Should we not place blame on neighboring countries of Iraq that don't want to help either? Yes, the decisions our leaders make determine the outcome of war. We can't blame our President for everything, however.
          This is where the voter has to pay close attention to how our government reacts to these situations. We need to vote out these elected officials that continue to point the fingers within their ranks over problems occurring outside of our country. These are officials who care more about public appearance than solutions to grave issues. These are officials that are contributing to our loss of faith in our government. These are officials that must go home. This is just the opinion of one man.

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