Sunday, June 29, 2014

Selfless Acts of Kindness

  This week we made a few more attempts at reaching out to the people around us. We brought a homeless man a smile. We brought an old man a smile. Then we mailed out a smile. There are a million reasons to be depressed nowadays. We wanted to spread a few smiles this week. These are all easy things that don't take much time at all.

            There are only a few homeless people in our town. One individual hangs out at the 7 Eleven down the street. We decided to send him a plate of home-made honey walnut chicken, a card, and a $10 bill. He wasn't there the first time we drove by. Our schedule forced us to leave the package with the manager. We checked back to make sure he got it. One smile.

           From there we went to visit my grandfather. He's in his 80's. My grandmother is out of town for the week. He complained about being alone and not being able to get out much. The next day we took him out to the flea market and bought him lunch. He had a great time. Two smiles.

           We purchased a direct-mail list for a business we had a while back. We randomly chose an address and mailed out with a few dollars in it. We added a small note. Hopefully a third smile.

           There are acts of kindness waiting to be completed all around us. Some are free. Some are in your immediate family. The idea is to keep kindness in mind. It's not always about the other person either. Keeping kindness in mind leaves less room for things like ignorance, evil, and hate to move in. This is just one man's opinion.