Monday, June 23, 2014

Making Moves: Acts Of Kindness WK 2

           This week we tried to accomplish several acts of kindness. We reached out to our local zoo, we wanted to help some animals. We were met with payment plans for training on volunteering that demands 3.5 hours a week. This does not fit our criteria for acts of kindness. This is great for those that have a strong desire to get into that community. We decided to make a bird feeder, and place it in our backyard instead. It was easy, and used things most people have at home. We left a total of  $3.00 in the change pockets of two random vending machines. We reestablished two friendships. Only one of them caught on.
           These are all things that anyone can easily do. Things that won't cost much time, and can leave an impact on our society. If you have a relationship that may have ended in a negative way bury it by forgiving and apologizing. If you know someone who may have had a traumatic event in their life send them a message, email, give them a call, or even mail them a hand-written letter. Let's make moves. This is just the opinion of one man.