Thursday, June 26, 2014

Phone Privacy hits the Supreme Court

        Police officers pull people over all the time. They search people all the time too. Higher powers such as rhe Supreme Court defend us from their malice. I have had my cell phone confiscated and searched. I would have been upset if I has personal photos in my phone. Now, thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court cops need a warrant to search our cell phones. Victory indeed.

         Our cell phones contain so much of our personal information. From the credit to the intimate. Let's say you're jay walking. Without this ruling, a police officer could snatch you up and grab your phone. They could scroll through your Facebook, your bank information, your plans for the week, or even your menstrual cycle. This is obviously a complete invasion of privacy. They do enough invading already.

          The arguing side is going to say "we have terrorists and murders to worry about". They will also say things like "you shouldn't have anything to hide." I say, whether I do or don't get a warrant like everything else. This leaves the "probably cause" stuff up to the judge. No you cannot just look through my life whenever you want. This is just the opinion of one man, however.

For more information on phone privacy the American Civil Liberties Union defends and maintains these rights for us.

This article was based off of USA Today's rendering of the ruling. Click Here

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