Friday, July 25, 2014

The Hamas And Israel Conflict. Things Aren't Always As They Seem.

The Israel-Hamas conflict seems to be preying on our headlines pretty well. Usually in conjunction with rockets, death tolls, even pictures of injured or dead children. With articles highlighting the horrible points of this conflict. As I read through most of the articles and comments on the situation it seems many are confused. Let's clarify things a bit.

Our main players are the country of Israel and the political organization Hamas (considered a terrorist organization by Europe, United States, and Japan among other countries). Now, these guys have had problems for a while now. Making this brief and easy to understand is a difficult task. Looking at the map below we see the country Israel. The areas divided by the "dotted green line" are two territories within Israel. These areas are the called West Bank and the Gaza Strip respectively. They are considered Palestinian. I know this is getting confusing please hang in there. These areas are controlled by the Hamas organization. What is Hamas?

Hamas is a Palestinian Sunni Islamic organization. This means they are an organization that basis laws on Islam and their majority is Palestinian (a very old culture in the Middle East). This organization has a history of carrying out suicide bombings, and using underground tunnels to carry out attacks on Israelis. Israel fights back, and always leaves a bigger mark. What are Israel and Hamas fighting about? A lot of things. The most notable are disputes over territory, and the most infamous reason for war, religion. Palestinians are predominately Muslim. Sunni Muslim to be exact. The same claimed Muslim as Boko Haram and the Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS). This doesn't mean all Muslims are terrorists. Most aren't. Please always keep that in mind. Israel is predominately Jewish, and they practice Judaism in some form. 

Aside from the disputes over territory, agitated by difference in religion, we have a poorly executed cease-fire. Hamas and Israel agreed to a cease-fire in 2012. Everyone thinks a cease-fire means everything is over. Wrong. A cease-fire is a step towards solving a dispute politically. After war has offered no clear solution. It is a means of minimizing casualties plain and simple. If solutions aren't found politically the war will resurface. This happens more often than you think. It also leaves tensions high in the mean-time.

So you have a dispute between Israel and Hamas (a Palestinian-Muslim organization that claims two territories inside the country of Israel). As far as capabilities Israel has a full military with great morale and equipment to boot. Hamas has rockets, homemade bombs, and low morale. Hamas' greatest offensive strategy is not their rockets or bombs, however. It's their use of world news and media.

Media's job is to make a story out of things. In this sense they are going to show all the bad Israel is doing. First know that Israel has warned all areas before striking. Knocking on doors and even leaving pamphlets. Besides that the Palestinians (outside of the Hamas group) should know war is taking place in their home. In fact they do know this. They have the "over my dead body" mentality. Unfortunately, this can actually lead to your dead body. You can blame a country for bombing a school yard and killing your children. You can also blame parents for letting their kids go to school in an obvious war-zone.

The fact is civilian deaths are horrible. If a country is at war with a group and you chose a side you may be shot, blown up, or killed. This is war. I know it's not the fault of the civilians. If they don't want to leave then death is the KNOWING risk they take. Unfortunately, this is a new dawn of propaganda. Don't feed into it please. The United Nations donates ample money, time, and service to these people for their protection. Israel is also taking necessary steps to minimize casualties. This is simply a case of civilians laying down their lives for earth and water. Sad as it is this is just one man's opinion.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Medical Marijuana Stocks up For Grabs. Come One Come All.

Marijuana law reform continues to creep its way into the headlines. Sometimes it's just to sell papers. This specific situation seems to be a bit different. Medical and recreational marijuana growers and store fronts are making millions. The problem isn't the income. It's the fact that these small businesses can't even put the money in the bank. Marijuana money is still considered illegal federally. If a bank were to take the money they could get hit with charges on money laundering. This forces these small businesses owners to stash hundreds of thousands of dollars in walls and under mattresses. This is definitely not good.

These small business owners can become victims of heists, kidnappings, and who knows what else. These citizens must be able to put their money away for their safety and the safety of the community. They pay taxes on the revenue after all. Which brings us to our next point. Is the government having this same issue with the taxes dollars they are charging these businesses? According to USA Today both state and federal government tiers have no problem depositing the tax dollars paid by these small businesses. Once again our government leaving a highly unfair taste in our mouths.

The fact is we are going to have to wait this one out. This is part of the process of making an illegal law legal. After the prohibition it took quite a bit of time for the liquor industry to resume its normal flow. That situation was even easier as it had been legal before. The only downfall to waiting is gangs and cartel might take advantage of these sitting ducks. That's not something anyone should want. For now it looks like these guys are going to have to spend some of that capital in protection. This is just one man's opinion.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Profesional Author Inrerview: Munir Bello "The Break-Up Recipe"

Everyone has gone through a complicated break-up. Personally, my worst break-up involved me convincing one ex that I had stomach cancer. It was the only way to get her to leave. Maybe you never convinced someone you had a fatal disease, but I bet you have some sort of crazy break-up buried in your life somewhere. Let’s take a moment while you think about that horrible situation … *Jeopardy Music*

“The Break-Up Recipe” is a great book written by Munir Bello. It is a collection of relationship stories played out by Mr. Mark Mutton. It’s Funny, it’s been compared to Sex In The City, and it’s an Amazon best seller. Today I am releasing an interview with the author. Let’s read on shall we?

Munir Bello, welcome to the Opinion Blog! You have written this book, “The Break Up Recipe”. I have ordered it myself. It seems to have gotten quite a bit of attention. The front cover even has you posing naked. Before we get into the book please give us a brief description of yourself.

Well my favourite colour is red and my favourite number is 5 hahaha. Seriously, thanks for having me and thanks for getting the book. I'm a 31 year old Nigerian, living in London and I am a full time writer. If i'm not working then I'm either spending time with my girlfriend, friends and family, or working out in the gym. I rarely sit still (partly because if I do, then I have no income). I'm a person who is determined to succeed and I like to work hard and fast. Away from my book I am also shooting a dating show in London which will be airing in the Autumn/Fall of 2014 and am now a regular relationship columnist for a London blog called, We Are The City.

Now that we know a bit about you tell us a little about your book.

The Break Up Recipe is about a young salesman named Mark Mutton. The Mutton man gets dumped by his fiancé, four weeks before their wedding. We witness his heartbreak and flashbacks through his encounters with different women in the past, present and future. I was inspired to write it because I'd gone through a similar break up (parallels between me and Mark stop there) and decided to do something constructive. I needed to make money quickly and so I worked my arse off to make this book happen. I'd say it's a light read. I wrote it to make people laugh. I just wanted to take a series of everyday situations and exaggerate them, the aim was for each situation to have a humorous conclusion.

Wow that guy's life sucks. I feel so much better about myself right now. Can we get a snippet of one of the more well-known situations in your book? So we can see what to expect before we all go check out your book on Amazon?

The most talked about chapter is the third one. Mark goes into a coffee shop and needs the toilet. He ends up going into a women's toilet and his stomach lets him down. The more women that end up in the toilet, the louder his diarrhoea gets. After they hear him, he walks out of the toilet after he's done his business and tries to play it cool. It was definitely my favourite chapter to write because it's full of tension and comedy. Good fun

Sounds great! I have used the woman's restroom myself in a pinch. The women waiting weren't very happy to see me leaving the restroom. Oh well a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Let’s talk about the path to independently publishing your book. Tell me about your social networking plights. Was social media the only way you spread word about your book?

With social media, I set up a facebook page, and a twitter handle, I did not stop shouting about the book, which I still do to this day, I also printed off flyers and handed them out to people on the street about the book. I wrote 5000 emails and handed out 10000 flyers personally to passers by to get to this stage. It's the hardest I've ever worked. Living on 3 hours sleep a day. I wrote the book while still doing my day job and the routine was to world, go to the gym and then write for a few hours, I survived on hope. Publishing independently was the only way I could get this book released. The language is explicit and the humour is very locker room orientated, so no mainstream publisher would have touched it. I also wanted the independence and control that comes with doing it myself. I hustled hard man and nearly killed myself from exhaustion but i'd do it again. Although it was and continues to be hard trying to promote the book worldwide, it is so exciting every time I get a like on facebook or I see the sales figures go up even it is just by 1 book. It helps that i am incredibly passionate about it, so when my business is doing well i am happy and when it's going through a lull I am extremely sad.

Wow what an adventure! A lot of emails and a lot of flyers. It's nice to know that you're humble enough to appreciate every book sold and every like. Let's talk about this cover. Most people seeing an author naked on his/her own cover can say so many things. What are you trying to say? What is the story behind your naked book cover?

The message behind that picture is, me naked and giving my all for my baby. I'm looking at that cover with the purest love which I of course have for something I took 9 months to write. It is my first book and I worked bloody hard to write it. The sacrifices I made are unbelievable. I pretty much did not have any contact with anyone because I wanted to make it as good as I possibly could. The idea for a naked marketing image came to me because test reads proves that the book had a female audience. I wanted to release an image that would appeal to them. It was something that I knew would be a conversation starter but there is no sexual undertone to it. If a picture can capture how I feel about my work it is that one. I was in a tough place financially when I wrote the book and I was determined to make it work at all costs. I believe the picture is a demonstration of my dedication. It's definitely not a vanity thing which is a common misconception.

That might be the best reason to use such a photo. I also see you had tact enough to cover the more private parts. You say that the majority of your audience are women. Was this your intention? If not what is the intention you had with your book?

No not at all, I wrote the book for men. It is about relationships and break-ups from a man's point of view. Women were naturally curious about the book because they wanted to get inside the mind of a man hence why there was more interest from them in the books contents

If only all women would try harder to understand men. I think more of them would rather learn about our insides through autopsy. Okay let's talk about this show. You said it was a dating show. What kind? How does it work? Are you looking for recruits?

Oh, the show! I'm so pumped about it. We've been filming in London. The couples who go on the date with each other don't know much about each other at all. They get to see a picture of each other and have a conversation on the phone. During the phone call, they get to ask each other one question. They are then taken to a salon separately, and the staff get to predict the outcome of the relationship based on first assumptions. The couple then go to a restaurant for a meal. their first meeting is on camera which makes for great viewing. After they've had dinner, they are taken aside and asked what they think of each other. They then come face to face with each other and tell one another whether they'd like to see each other again romantically. If the answer is no they have to tell the person why. They can't be diplomatic, they must be honest and blunt with each other, which again is great on camera. I'm looking to air it in the autumn. I'm currently looking for a few recruits but it's not massively important as we have enough to do plenty of shows.

You seem to be very busy. What are your plans for the future? Another book?

I try to keep myself busy. I am in the middle of writing the sequel to, The Break Up Recipe and will write a third book on Mark Mutton before moving on to books in a different genre. Depending on how the dating show goes it could end up being a regular thing that we film every year, fingers crossed.

You were born in Nigeria. How do you feel about the Boko Haram situation being that it’s so close to home?

Boko Haram's atrocities are happening very close to where I'm from. It’s a matter that is very worrying for me. I don't like what's happening because it is very cruel to kill anybody whose religious beliefs are different to yours. It also gives the wrong impression of my country. The world sees the reports and assumes that it is a terrorist hotbed which it really isn't. The government did not handle the situation correctly as they were slow to act. The western world offered it's support and our government should have been very quick to accept it without fear of losing face because the lives of innocent, young girls were at stake. The bring back our girls campaign was good but sadly it was a bit of a fad as it barely gets mentioned on social media now

The world has a wonderful way of making fads about everything, even stolen school girls. That is a very important point you bring up. Too often are people only saddened by fad pictures on social media. Even more so than they are by the actual instances. My last question to you sir is what's all this business about 4/6 of the toilet paper roll?

I got the idea of comedy by numbers from Nick Hornby. If you notice the first chapter of my book and subsequent chapters in which Mark talks about Samantha and Amy he has uses maths in his comedy. It's very hard to sum up in a short interview how that process works but an obsession with numbers particular in relation to mundane things like toilet roll or relationship milestones (break ups, kisses, first exchange of "i love yous") just works. For example if you're talking with a guy and you ask him when he first knew that his wife was the one and he responds, "After 4 weeks, 6 days, 7 hrs, 23 minutes and 5 seconds" it'll make you laugh or it will certainly raise an eyebrow. In the films, Rain Man and Jerry Maguire, numbers are used in a comical sense. In Rain Man it is when Charlie is asking about who took a picture and Raymond responds, "January 12 1965. Very snowy that day. 7.2 inches of snow that day" or in Jerry Maguire when the kid says, "The human head weighs 8 pounds"

Thank you Munir! I wish you luck in all of your endeavors in life. We really appreciate you answering all of our annoying questions. So until next time ... Cheers amigo! (I'm practicing my Puerto Rican British).

De Nada my Puerto Rican friend. Been a pleasure answering your questions, hope you guys enjoy the book and I look forward to hopping over to Florida to party with you all.

Please, please, please feel free to click on “The Break-Up Recipe” book link just below this article, and purchase a great read. As always this is just the opinion of one man.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

What's Happening To Our Judges?

In American society when someone is suspected of a crime they must go through our criminal process. This involves all kinds of complicated procedures. Just like any other system someone needs to be appointed to lead and oversee the quality of the procedures. This individual is called a judge. A lot of people don't understand what a judge really is. Let's dig deep shall we?

The judge is a position that has its roots deep in human history. Even for those that don't believe in the bible there is no denying it. Judges existed thousands of years ago. These were members that ran society. One of their jobs was to determine punishments for crimes against humanity. This was to balance the trauma the crime had created to society. An eye for an eye. The earliest form of a justice system. Before kings. Before government. There were judges. This is the first step in understanding how important these members of society really are.

The next step is to realize how powerful this position is. Think about it. The president is the highest of authority in our country. Almost at the same level you have our Congress. A judge can put any of these individuals away in prison with just a thought. What an incredible authority. With that authority comes a standard. One that must be maintained. Let's see how some of our judges have been acting lately.

A Montana judge was accused of saying that a 14-year-old girl was partly to blame for her own rape. That may be true. Unfortunately, that is opinion. A judge must be able to keep their opinions at bay. This judge obviously cannot. A Florida judge recently got into it with a lawyer in the middle of a case. They decided to take it outside. The judge wasn't playing. He decked the lawyer square in the face. A judge must have control over his emotions. This judge obviously doesn't. These aren't the only cases out there.

The vast majority of judges in America are true to society. With that said this doesn't mean this isn't a problem. Unfortunately, this is an iceberg issue. It's only the tip of a much larger problem. The fact is good moral fiber is fading away more and more as time goes by. This is both sad and scary. It's up to the new generations to maintain these fibers and pass them on to their children. Teaching them to keep to their word, to have self-control, patience, and to care for others. This may be the only way we can secure a good future for our country. Please make this a movement.

This is just one man's opinion.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

A plane is shot down by a missile leading to 298 deaths. This is tragic. Any death is tragic, however, civilian deaths always seem to hurt a bit more. Once the tragedy is realized the natural response seems to be blame. This is probably because we have such a strong desire for the third response. Payment. Otherwise known as revenge. The system of repaying crimes with punishment is bred deep in our history. We must be cautious not to rush straight through the blame process. This is where we decide who's at fault for the crime. Let's look at what evidence CNN has released so far. If you don't know much about what's been going on between Russia and Ukraine please click here.

Apparently someone got a hold of an audio recording between pro-Russian rebels and Russian military officers. Here are some quotes from that audio. A man identified as Russian intelligence says, "How are things going over there?" A pro-Russian fighter responds with, "Well, we are 100% sure it's a civilian plane." The Russian officer asks, "Are there a lot of people?" The pro-Russian fighter shouts an "obscenity" and says, "The debris was falling straight into the yards." CNN says they have not confirmed the authenticity of the audio. What does Ukraine have to say about this?

One security official for Ukraine says a Buk missile, believed to be the one that shot down the passenger plane, crossed the border from Russia right before the attack. CNN says Ukraine hasn't released how they know this. Another Ukrainian official says the missile was handed back over to Russia that night. Again CNN could not verify any of these claims.

What we have here are only a few facts. A passenger plane was shot down by a missile believed to be fired by pro-Russian rebels. This happened in Ukrainian air-space and 298 civilian deaths are recorded. Nothing else. Yes a whole list of things are very possible. Possible doesn't hold up in court. It's wise to wait and see what verifiable evidence turns up before we start pointing fingers. Besides no one running a country nowadays wants to be known for shooting down passenger planes. This one was probably an accident. One that needs payment, still, an accident nonetheless.

As always this is just the opinion of one man.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bigotry. Racism's Bigger Brother.

Recently a man wrote an article on racism and politics. The article was published by West View News. The headline read, "The N****r In The White House". Not a very appealing headline. The article was in support of President Obama contrary to its headline. CNN interviewed the writer of the article. During the interview an important point was brought up. Racism still exists. Although, it is a dying idea, bigotry seems to be replacing it.

The first thing we need to realize is the difference between racism and bigotry. Racism is generally defined as a belief that each race is different, and that each race produces a different level of being. Generally pointing at one's own race to be superior, and having the right to control the other races. Then there's the bigots. Bigotry is generally defined as having no tolerance for any religion, race or opinion outside of one's own. This a tier up from racism, and the difference must be understood. Why?

Racist thoughts are completely legal in our country. Acting on them is not. We have done a fine job of creating whistle-blowing organizations and raising society to know it's wrong. What we haven't done is taken note of racism's bigger brother bigotry. There is nothing to stop bigotry. It works in our society like a terrorist group. Gathering up weak-minded individuals, and mongering them up against their enemies. Welcome to another reason why color doesn't matter anymore. Now people hate because you are of another political party, because of your soccer team, because you drive a foreign car, or even because of what you eat.

The fact is racism was just an outlet for hate. That outlet has been discovered and repaired. The pressure is building, and a new outlet will be formed. No offense to the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, but I believe his dream has come and gone. We need a new dream America. One that has us freed from the chains of hate. This new dream will need to be built by us, the citizens of the beautiful United States of America. This is just the opinion of one man.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Morality and The Gentleman

Morality and the gentleman go hand in hand. A word that used to be honored. Now it is redefined, and the original definition lost in a pile of what society calls a "man". Fortunately, there are real men out there. Real men not defined by me, but defined by their actions. Men who open doors for people. Men who say "thank you" and "have a nice day". Men who show respect to women, even those who don't deserve it. These aren't the only things that define a gentleman.

According to, behaving like a gentleman means you're a well-mannered, civilized, educated, and sensitive man. So to maintain this classification you must have manners, please and thank you. You must be educated. This doesn't mean you have to be a doctor. It does mean you should be aware of your community, and up-to-date on current events. You should be civilized, meaning you hold a state of being culturally advanced. Meaning he isn't racist, and he can control his negative feelings. Lastly, a gentleman is defined as being sensitive. This doesn't mean you cry every time a leaf falls. Sensitive meaning you can detect slight differences in your environment and relationships. These characteristics should be the epitome of a man. Unfortunately, they aren't. Why?

One reason is because of what women want in men. According to both eHarmony and, none of the things women want are on that list of gentleman qualities. They want laughs. They want looks. They want confidence. They want to know their man is going to be successful. This is all great, but manners, education, being civilized, and sensitive aren't on these lists. This leaves most relationships offering only punishment for being a dog with no reward for being a gentleman. A horrible plight for the man with tact.

Hang in there gentlemen, and don't look down on the pigs please. As William Lyon Phelps, a famous America author and scholar, said, "the final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him." Being a gentlemen doesn't make you better it builds a better society. This is just the opinion of one man.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

18 Isn't The Move-Out Age Anymore.

Many of today’s generation have difficulty leaving the nest. We know. Let’s see what the Pew Research Center has to say. In 2012, 36% of America’s adults between the ages of 18 and 31, lived at home with their parents. That’s over 21 million people. Perspective? That’s 3 million more than the entire population of the state of Florida living at home with their parents.
Does this mean kids don’t want to move out or can’t move out? Can’t they just go to college and live the “American dream”? Well, they would probably have to sell a few organs to the cartel just to get a couple years in. Afterwards, they will graduate into debt and probably get a whopping $35,000 a year for their efforts. Doesn't sound like much of a dream. What is this doing to these poor parents?
The National Endowment for Financial Education committed to a survey a few years ago. The survey found that 59% of parents with children between the ages of 18 and 39, are providing, or have provided, financial assistance for their children. This means that every other person you know that has a child in that age range needs their help. This also means that you may have more than a 50% chance of having this issue yourself.
The fact is 18 isn’t the move-out age anymore. For those with young kids please keep this in mind. Erase that number 18. Maybe bring it closer to age 25. It’s almost safe to say that expecting your kids to move out at 18 is setting them up for failure. I hope my generation realizes this. As our retirement is already going to be tough, this won’t be much help. We can be prepared with awareness, however. This is just the opinion of one man.

Here is a link to help parents with the "failure to launch" problem. Although I would rather refer to it as a societal change to refrain from hurting my generation's feelings. Help Link

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pornography Isn't Exactly Harmless.

Pornography is a wide-spread habit. Click here to see how wide-spread. So it must be okay if so many people do it. I mean even pastors are high on that list. What's wrong with watching a video anyways? Psychology Today released an article linking pornography with depression. This doesn't necessarily mean that pornography makes you depressed. It shows that certain people handle their depression with pornography. Similar to people who eat, shop, or abuse people to dull their depression. Does this mean we all need to stop watching porn?

That's opinion. Most people use the Bible to answer a question like this. I try not to. Let's dip into pornography in relationships real quick. Those that have relationships they care about should take their partners' feelings into consideration. If they don't like the pornography idea, but you can't stop then you might say you have a problem. No different than smoking cigarettes or having a drug habit. If you can stop then stop. You have a partner that is there for you and cares about you. Don't ruin it for pictures and videos. They can't hold you when life brings you down. What about those with partners who don't care?

The fact is all things are only healthy in moderation pornography included. If pornography is an uncontrollable habit then it's something you need to work on, period. For those men, and women, that watch porn on a regular basis or together in relationships it is good to remember how addicting it can be. If you're single and you watch pornography often remember you won't be single forever. Cut back now, if you can, that way you don't lose your next lover to the habit. The real things is much better don't you think? Would you give up an actual brand new Corvette for a picture or video of one? Then why would you give up a real partner for a picture or video of one? Think about it, please. This is just the opinion of one man.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The 4th Of July, Our Independence Day.

             The 4th of July is here! A beautiful reason to celebrate our history. Speaking of history how many people really know what the 4th of July stands for? Let's make this quick and painless.

             It was on the 7th day of June in the year 1776 that Richard Henry Lee proclaimed the famous words, "Resolved: That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved." Powerful and important words.

            Lee's words didn't just fly on to paper. Even during this time the United States took time to make sure decisions were agreed upon by the majority. When Lee's idea went to vote only seven out of the 13 colonies agreed. Five voted against Lee and New York abstained from the vote. This didn't satisfy the Colonies that longed for freedom. A committee of five famous men was appointed to draft a statement to present the world with the Colonies' desire for freedom. Thomas Jefferson physically drafted the document.

           On July 1, 1776 the colonies reconvened and the idea of independence was voted in by 12 of the 13 colonies, with New York abstaining from voting again. Permanent drafting of the document began and was finished on the fourth day of July in the year of 1776. No opinions. This is fact.

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Women Are Killing Their Future.

           The fight continues over working mothers. It can be a controversial issue. According to Pew in 2012, 70% of working mothers worked full-time. Over half of them would have rather worked part-time. Unfortunately, most households need both parents working to maintain the bills. What about the 25% of mothers that worked full-time and liked it? They are the calm before the storm.

           The Women's Rights Movement created a snow-ball effect. One that may eventually destroy the American women in the future. This is not to say that the movement wasn't necessary. It most definitely was and it should have come sooner. Women and men are equal. There is no doubt about that. They should vote, work, and get paid the same as men for the same jobs. What the snow-ball effect created is a fight to be better than men. That's the problem.

            The voting isn't enough. Neither is being able to work outside of the home and get paid the same. Having the right to throw away unborn babies, and use child support as a tool for monetary gains isn't enough. Being president won't be either. Nothing will be enough to satisfy that 25%. If they would rather work than spend a few extra hours with their children then we see where their priority is. To prove men are nothing but sperm-donors at the cost of their family.

           We must put the brakes on this 25%, rough estimate. Pushing the future mothers to lose interest in their families. This 25% will force our future women into drafts for war, and lead them to think it's normal and okay to abort. The destruction of what a caring mother should be. If this continues the only difference between a mother and a father will be private parts. I know that's what all these G.I Janes are fighting for. In the end, just because women can do what men can do, doesn't mean they have to. This is just one man's opinion.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Voting Is Power.

            Recently CNN released a video titled, "Who Pays For Free Trips For Lawmakers?" The video discusses the "millions" that congress spends every year in taking "lavish trips". Then it discusses how they cover up the amounts of the trips, and where the money came from. Finishing the video with their excuses for why they covered up the trips in the first place. Yes congress wasting millions on lavish trips is unbecoming. Are the wasted millions really what's so upsetting about this issue?

            The fact of the matter is they don't even deserve a sticker. Let alone a trip to anywhere but congressman boot-camp. They aren't committing to this country like they should. That's what's so upsetting about this. How about a trip to where we could be?

             Let's just say our country was doing well. Let's also say our faith in our lawmakers was a firm establishment. In this hypothetical situation let's say the dedication of our lawmakers was incredible. We'll go out on a limb here and even say that Democrats and Republicans worked hand in hand. We would trust them. If they took a few trips a year it wouldn't bother us much. At that point needless splurging becomes well-deserved fringe benefits.

           Those that vote need to dig in deep. Our government needs to be good enough to deserve a few trips a year. It's not completely their fault that they're screwing everything up. Part of this is the lack in voting interest that can lead to an uneducated vote. Which is almost worse than no vote at all. This is when someone votes on anything other than the purpose of establishing a better country. An example of this is a voting decision based on religion, race, party affiliation, or because all their friends are voting for the specific candidate. Those are the kinds of votes that put Dick Cheney and John Boehner in their seats.

          This election we must push for educated votes. We must reform this shamble of a government using our voting power. I'm sure our forefathers are tired of rolling in their graves already. Let's give them a break shall we? This is just the opinion of one man.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Don't Steal From The Elderly.

          . Being elderly should be one of the best parts of life. For those that are religious it means you will be fulfilling your faith soon. For those that don't have faith ... I guess it just sucks for them. Besides the dementia, the diapers, and that famous smell you acquire in your old age getting old shouldn't be that bad. However, according to the National Center on Elderly Abuse, close to 5 million elderly people are abused every year. This number is rising
            These abuses stretch from sexual abuse to verbal abuse. I would like to discuss one abuse that isn't talked about enough. One that my generation and the one right before it seem to have a problem with. Stealing from the elderly. I'm not talking about picking some old people off at the ATM. I'm talking about family members taking their money. Stealing their jewelry and telling them they misplaced it. Taking hold of their accounts to pay their bills and keeping the change. Selling their cars and telling them it's because they can't drive anymore. These things are easy to get away with. These are also things you can easily justify in your mind. "I am taking care of them, I deserve this." "Nurses get paid to do this. I don't so I'll just get mine." "Alzheimer's is setting in. They don't even know what's going on." These are all incorrect justifications.

            There are plenty of laws that govern physical and mental abuse of the elderly. There are plenty of organizations that maintain these laws. What isn't maintained is everything else. Just because something isn't against the law doesn't make it right. Love the elderly. Spread the idea. In this way the love just might be there when we get old. As always this is just the opinion of one man.

To report elderly abuse or for more information on the topic check out this site. National Center on Elderly Abuse.