Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bigotry. Racism's Bigger Brother.

Recently a man wrote an article on racism and politics. The article was published by West View News. The headline read, "The N****r In The White House". Not a very appealing headline. The article was in support of President Obama contrary to its headline. CNN interviewed the writer of the article. During the interview an important point was brought up. Racism still exists. Although, it is a dying idea, bigotry seems to be replacing it.

The first thing we need to realize is the difference between racism and bigotry. Racism is generally defined as a belief that each race is different, and that each race produces a different level of being. Generally pointing at one's own race to be superior, and having the right to control the other races. Then there's the bigots. Bigotry is generally defined as having no tolerance for any religion, race or opinion outside of one's own. This a tier up from racism, and the difference must be understood. Why?

Racist thoughts are completely legal in our country. Acting on them is not. We have done a fine job of creating whistle-blowing organizations and raising society to know it's wrong. What we haven't done is taken note of racism's bigger brother bigotry. There is nothing to stop bigotry. It works in our society like a terrorist group. Gathering up weak-minded individuals, and mongering them up against their enemies. Welcome to another reason why color doesn't matter anymore. Now people hate because you are of another political party, because of your soccer team, because you drive a foreign car, or even because of what you eat.

The fact is racism was just an outlet for hate. That outlet has been discovered and repaired. The pressure is building, and a new outlet will be formed. No offense to the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, but I believe his dream has come and gone. We need a new dream America. One that has us freed from the chains of hate. This new dream will need to be built by us, the citizens of the beautiful United States of America. This is just the opinion of one man.

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