Saturday, July 19, 2014

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

A plane is shot down by a missile leading to 298 deaths. This is tragic. Any death is tragic, however, civilian deaths always seem to hurt a bit more. Once the tragedy is realized the natural response seems to be blame. This is probably because we have such a strong desire for the third response. Payment. Otherwise known as revenge. The system of repaying crimes with punishment is bred deep in our history. We must be cautious not to rush straight through the blame process. This is where we decide who's at fault for the crime. Let's look at what evidence CNN has released so far. If you don't know much about what's been going on between Russia and Ukraine please click here.

Apparently someone got a hold of an audio recording between pro-Russian rebels and Russian military officers. Here are some quotes from that audio. A man identified as Russian intelligence says, "How are things going over there?" A pro-Russian fighter responds with, "Well, we are 100% sure it's a civilian plane." The Russian officer asks, "Are there a lot of people?" The pro-Russian fighter shouts an "obscenity" and says, "The debris was falling straight into the yards." CNN says they have not confirmed the authenticity of the audio. What does Ukraine have to say about this?

One security official for Ukraine says a Buk missile, believed to be the one that shot down the passenger plane, crossed the border from Russia right before the attack. CNN says Ukraine hasn't released how they know this. Another Ukrainian official says the missile was handed back over to Russia that night. Again CNN could not verify any of these claims.

What we have here are only a few facts. A passenger plane was shot down by a missile believed to be fired by pro-Russian rebels. This happened in Ukrainian air-space and 298 civilian deaths are recorded. Nothing else. Yes a whole list of things are very possible. Possible doesn't hold up in court. It's wise to wait and see what verifiable evidence turns up before we start pointing fingers. Besides no one running a country nowadays wants to be known for shooting down passenger planes. This one was probably an accident. One that needs payment, still, an accident nonetheless.

As always this is just the opinion of one man.