Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pornography Isn't Exactly Harmless.

Pornography is a wide-spread habit. Click here to see how wide-spread. So it must be okay if so many people do it. I mean even pastors are high on that list. What's wrong with watching a video anyways? Psychology Today released an article linking pornography with depression. This doesn't necessarily mean that pornography makes you depressed. It shows that certain people handle their depression with pornography. Similar to people who eat, shop, or abuse people to dull their depression. Does this mean we all need to stop watching porn?

That's opinion. Most people use the Bible to answer a question like this. I try not to. Let's dip into pornography in relationships real quick. Those that have relationships they care about should take their partners' feelings into consideration. If they don't like the pornography idea, but you can't stop then you might say you have a problem. No different than smoking cigarettes or having a drug habit. If you can stop then stop. You have a partner that is there for you and cares about you. Don't ruin it for pictures and videos. They can't hold you when life brings you down. What about those with partners who don't care?

The fact is all things are only healthy in moderation pornography included. If pornography is an uncontrollable habit then it's something you need to work on, period. For those men, and women, that watch porn on a regular basis or together in relationships it is good to remember how addicting it can be. If you're single and you watch pornography often remember you won't be single forever. Cut back now, if you can, that way you don't lose your next lover to the habit. The real things is much better don't you think? Would you give up an actual brand new Corvette for a picture or video of one? Then why would you give up a real partner for a picture or video of one? Think about it, please. This is just the opinion of one man.

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