Friday, July 25, 2014

The Hamas And Israel Conflict. Things Aren't Always As They Seem.

The Israel-Hamas conflict seems to be preying on our headlines pretty well. Usually in conjunction with rockets, death tolls, even pictures of injured or dead children. With articles highlighting the horrible points of this conflict. As I read through most of the articles and comments on the situation it seems many are confused. Let's clarify things a bit.

Our main players are the country of Israel and the political organization Hamas (considered a terrorist organization by Europe, United States, and Japan among other countries). Now, these guys have had problems for a while now. Making this brief and easy to understand is a difficult task. Looking at the map below we see the country Israel. The areas divided by the "dotted green line" are two territories within Israel. These areas are the called West Bank and the Gaza Strip respectively. They are considered Palestinian. I know this is getting confusing please hang in there. These areas are controlled by the Hamas organization. What is Hamas?

Hamas is a Palestinian Sunni Islamic organization. This means they are an organization that basis laws on Islam and their majority is Palestinian (a very old culture in the Middle East). This organization has a history of carrying out suicide bombings, and using underground tunnels to carry out attacks on Israelis. Israel fights back, and always leaves a bigger mark. What are Israel and Hamas fighting about? A lot of things. The most notable are disputes over territory, and the most infamous reason for war, religion. Palestinians are predominately Muslim. Sunni Muslim to be exact. The same claimed Muslim as Boko Haram and the Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS). This doesn't mean all Muslims are terrorists. Most aren't. Please always keep that in mind. Israel is predominately Jewish, and they practice Judaism in some form. 

Aside from the disputes over territory, agitated by difference in religion, we have a poorly executed cease-fire. Hamas and Israel agreed to a cease-fire in 2012. Everyone thinks a cease-fire means everything is over. Wrong. A cease-fire is a step towards solving a dispute politically. After war has offered no clear solution. It is a means of minimizing casualties plain and simple. If solutions aren't found politically the war will resurface. This happens more often than you think. It also leaves tensions high in the mean-time.

So you have a dispute between Israel and Hamas (a Palestinian-Muslim organization that claims two territories inside the country of Israel). As far as capabilities Israel has a full military with great morale and equipment to boot. Hamas has rockets, homemade bombs, and low morale. Hamas' greatest offensive strategy is not their rockets or bombs, however. It's their use of world news and media.

Media's job is to make a story out of things. In this sense they are going to show all the bad Israel is doing. First know that Israel has warned all areas before striking. Knocking on doors and even leaving pamphlets. Besides that the Palestinians (outside of the Hamas group) should know war is taking place in their home. In fact they do know this. They have the "over my dead body" mentality. Unfortunately, this can actually lead to your dead body. You can blame a country for bombing a school yard and killing your children. You can also blame parents for letting their kids go to school in an obvious war-zone.

The fact is civilian deaths are horrible. If a country is at war with a group and you chose a side you may be shot, blown up, or killed. This is war. I know it's not the fault of the civilians. If they don't want to leave then death is the KNOWING risk they take. Unfortunately, this is a new dawn of propaganda. Don't feed into it please. The United Nations donates ample money, time, and service to these people for their protection. Israel is also taking necessary steps to minimize casualties. This is simply a case of civilians laying down their lives for earth and water. Sad as it is this is just one man's opinion.