Sunday, July 20, 2014

What's Happening To Our Judges?

In American society when someone is suspected of a crime they must go through our criminal process. This involves all kinds of complicated procedures. Just like any other system someone needs to be appointed to lead and oversee the quality of the procedures. This individual is called a judge. A lot of people don't understand what a judge really is. Let's dig deep shall we?

The judge is a position that has its roots deep in human history. Even for those that don't believe in the bible there is no denying it. Judges existed thousands of years ago. These were members that ran society. One of their jobs was to determine punishments for crimes against humanity. This was to balance the trauma the crime had created to society. An eye for an eye. The earliest form of a justice system. Before kings. Before government. There were judges. This is the first step in understanding how important these members of society really are.

The next step is to realize how powerful this position is. Think about it. The president is the highest of authority in our country. Almost at the same level you have our Congress. A judge can put any of these individuals away in prison with just a thought. What an incredible authority. With that authority comes a standard. One that must be maintained. Let's see how some of our judges have been acting lately.

A Montana judge was accused of saying that a 14-year-old girl was partly to blame for her own rape. That may be true. Unfortunately, that is opinion. A judge must be able to keep their opinions at bay. This judge obviously cannot. A Florida judge recently got into it with a lawyer in the middle of a case. They decided to take it outside. The judge wasn't playing. He decked the lawyer square in the face. A judge must have control over his emotions. This judge obviously doesn't. These aren't the only cases out there.

The vast majority of judges in America are true to society. With that said this doesn't mean this isn't a problem. Unfortunately, this is an iceberg issue. It's only the tip of a much larger problem. The fact is good moral fiber is fading away more and more as time goes by. This is both sad and scary. It's up to the new generations to maintain these fibers and pass them on to their children. Teaching them to keep to their word, to have self-control, patience, and to care for others. This may be the only way we can secure a good future for our country. Please make this a movement.

This is just one man's opinion.

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