Thursday, July 3, 2014

Women Are Killing Their Future.

           The fight continues over working mothers. It can be a controversial issue. According to Pew in 2012, 70% of working mothers worked full-time. Over half of them would have rather worked part-time. Unfortunately, most households need both parents working to maintain the bills. What about the 25% of mothers that worked full-time and liked it? They are the calm before the storm.

           The Women's Rights Movement created a snow-ball effect. One that may eventually destroy the American women in the future. This is not to say that the movement wasn't necessary. It most definitely was and it should have come sooner. Women and men are equal. There is no doubt about that. They should vote, work, and get paid the same as men for the same jobs. What the snow-ball effect created is a fight to be better than men. That's the problem.

            The voting isn't enough. Neither is being able to work outside of the home and get paid the same. Having the right to throw away unborn babies, and use child support as a tool for monetary gains isn't enough. Being president won't be either. Nothing will be enough to satisfy that 25%. If they would rather work than spend a few extra hours with their children then we see where their priority is. To prove men are nothing but sperm-donors at the cost of their family.

           We must put the brakes on this 25%, rough estimate. Pushing the future mothers to lose interest in their families. This 25% will force our future women into drafts for war, and lead them to think it's normal and okay to abort. The destruction of what a caring mother should be. If this continues the only difference between a mother and a father will be private parts. I know that's what all these G.I Janes are fighting for. In the end, just because women can do what men can do, doesn't mean they have to. This is just one man's opinion.

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