Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

I am not a supporter of any presidential candidate. Each and every single one is imperfect with a goal much different than the next. One, in particular, seems to be shaking the race branch. That is Mr. Donald Trump. I cannot say whether his attitudes will become realities after he is elected. What I can say is that he has added confusion to what racism really is.

Racism is a sub category of bigotry. A racist is almost always a bigot. Not all bigots are racists, however. This is something we must all distinguish the difference between. A bigot is someone who dislikes anyone that disagrees with his/her opinion/s. This could be as simple as a hard-line sports fan. One who thinks their team is the best team no matter what stats or anyone else says. This can happen in religious difference. Where a member of one religious idea may hate members of any other religious idea but their own. Neither of these cases apply to race, and therefore are not racist behaviors.

Recently racism has become a label so easily defined by any one person's opinion. No courts, no juries, no displays of hard evidence are involved in labeling a racist nowadays. In fact, only a simple snapshot of someone's life is all it takes for a crowd of people to define a person's motives. Donald Trump happens to be having this very problem.

Racism is defined as believing in the superiority of one's race over other's. This is definitely alive in any place you can find around the world. Allowing these opinions to shape one's actions would probably lead to breaking the law through hate crimes. In that case the person may be tried legally and fairly. Not simply found guilty through the old practice of witch hunting.

In Trump's case the new definition of racism had already gotten its start before he even announced his goal to become president. The present generations have absorbed enough struggle, and took a turn to the offensive. Everyone understands that life is hard and seemingly harder for some.
The police happened to receive the first offensive move from the domestic population. The attention then turned towards the government authority. With expectations of racism embedded into so many of the general population its no wonder they go after Trump so often. 

Unfortunately, none of the media drawing comments he has made define a public racist.
Expression can be a dangerous weapon. As citizens we must hold strong to our hardcore belief that we aren't meant to judge. Let's leave that to the professionals. Peace is our job. Let's try and keep it. As always this is just one man's opinion.