Monday, February 22, 2016

Let Us Make Peace

The twenty-first century version of humanity is in danger of exhausting its supplies of peace in efforts to curb the spread of war and violence.

This century's expectations should have been to usher in the spread of moral civilization, food security solutions, and the discontinuation of war. Instead the century's first flight gave strength to terrorism, cornered swaths of people into famine, and birthed a society bound by the permanency of war. Domestically, these happenings are wearing down the patience of the masses. When that patience is squandered peace will soon depart.

What Is Peace?

Peace is a resource. It is made up mostly of the patience from the general population. It can be used and replaced. Peace is fundamental to a structured, moral, and civilized society. Without it our families and communities will be exposed to all that is ruinous. Examples are a dime a dozen.

Lessons Learned

Syria and Iraq hold perfect and recent examples of the impacts of a drought in peace. These are not the only examples, however. The governments of these countries, and their influences, have squandered away their peoples' patience. When all patience is spent so is the silence broken. We have seen where that path has led them. Shall we not follow their lead into unruly chaos?

Our surroundings could be no different if our families and communities are forced to continue without a healthy outlet. American preludes include public shootings, peaceful protests gone awry, and a justifiable discontent with the governing body. As citizens with hope and duty one must ask themselves ...

"What You Can Do For Your Country."

A break in peace could be the consequence of many things. Government may be one of the main contributors, but the reaction is up to the citizens. We must find it in our hearts to stay peaceable. To deny violence and hate a place in our lives. To disagree with a course of action that may be popular in order to spread tranquility. Let us learn from the world's examples, and spread the news. When they stand up to fight back let us remember an answer outside of the fight. When they call for us to join in their hate let us, instead, find a suitable flower to fill the hand that may otherwise contribute to the fray.

Let us make peace, the enemy will create enough of everything else.

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